Bob Marley: One Love

The Movie Bob Marley One Love Will Be Released In Theaters On January 12

The Film Was Shot In Jamaica And England And Was Directed By Marcus Green

The December 1976 Attack On Bobs Residence And Recording Studio Is The Subject Of The Biopic

The Skrull Baddie In Marvels Secret Invasion Was Played By Benadir

Lashana Lynch Is Known For Her Roles In No Time To Die And The Woman King

The Son Of The Bass Player Will Play In The Film And Continue His Fathers Legacy

The Film Features A Talented Ensemble Of Jamaican Actors Who Portray Viewers In A Unique Cinematic Experience That Captures The Essence Of Bob Marleys Indomitable Spirit

A Biopic About His Fathers Story Is Being Coproduced By The Son Of Bob And Rita

The Upcoming Biopic Aims To Give Viewers A Deeper Understanding Of Bob Marleys Life