Big Show And Great Khali: Their Shocking Backstage Fight

Big Show And Great Khali: Their Shocking Backstage Fight Read More

"The Great Khali And Big Show Had Been At Odds For Years. They Had What The Boys Called ‘Giant Heat’!" Read More

Great Khali Was Taller But Big Show Was Better In The Ring And Each Was Jealous Of The Other. Chris Jericho Recounts This Real-Life Backstage Fight In All Its Hilarious Glory! Read More

Chris Jericho Was Amongst The Peers Backstage To Witness These Two Monsters Go At One Another. Read More

"We Were In Aricebo Puerto Rico Having A Tag Match Against Khali And Taker. It Was The First Time I’D Ever Wrestled Taker And Experiencing His Ring Entrance Live Was Surreal." -Chris Jericho Read More

"The Match Itself Was Nothing Special Highlighted Only By Khali Stealing One Of Show’S Spots Right In Front Of His Face." -Chris Jericho Read More

Show Had This Trademark Move Where He Took A Guy Into The Corner Shhh’D The Crowd With His Finger And Delivered A Brutal Overhand Chop That Sounded Like It Had Caved In His Opponent’S Chest. Read More

"Motherf***Er Just Stole My Move" Big Show Mumbled On The Apron. "I Knew Something Was Going To Go Down. He Was Mad As Hell And Wouldn’T Take It Anymore!" Read More

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