Best Shows Like ‘Orphan Black’ To Watch If You Miss The Series

If You Like The Show And Are Wondering What To Watch Next Here Are Some Shows That Are Worth Your Time

Sense8 One Moment Links 8 Minds In Outlying Parts Of The World Putting 8 Strangers In Each Others Lives

Howard Silk Jk Simmons Who Works At The Office Of Interchange Is The Main Character In Counterpart Counterpart Counterpart

The Mindbending Adventures Of The People Who Live Above The Loop Were Inspired By The Wondrous Paintings Of Simon Stlenhag

The Original Show Was Written By Rod Serling Who Served As Host And Wrote Over 80 Episodes

The Series Was Written By Charlie Brooker And Executive Produced By Annabel Jones

Living With Yourself Is A Comedy That Asks If We Really Want To Be Better

The Wealthiest Man On Earth Was Murdered

The Leftovers Was Written By Tom Perrotta And Was An Award Winning Novel