Andre The Giant: 16 Unforgettable Tales Told By His Friends

Andre The Giant: 16 Unforgettable Tales Told By His Friends Read More

It’S Hard To Imagine A Wrestler More Memorable Or Larger Than Life Than Andre The Giant. Here Are Some Surprising Lesser-Known Stories From Those Who Knew Andre Most! Read More

Mean Gene Okerlund On Sensitive Andre The Giant: "He Was A Very Sensitive Man. Nobody Realizes This. I'Ve Seen Him Cry..." Read More

Bruno Sammartino On Andre The Giant: "Andre Liked To Hang Around The Bar. He Was One Guy You Didn’T Try To Keep Up With! (Laughs)." Read More

Difficulty Getting Around In Japan "I’D Have To Go Out And Hail The Cabs Because When They Were Driving By If They Saw Andre They’D Just Speed Up And Keep Going!" – Bill Eadie (Masked Superstar/Ax Of Demolition) Read More

"The Stewardess Comes By And She Says ‘What Can I Get You?’ So Andre Says ‘Screwdriver.’ About 10 Minutes Go By And She Comes Back And Hands Him A Screwdriver – A Black And Decker Screwdriver! Do You Know What Andre Says To Her? ‘What Would You Have Brought Me If I’D Have Said A Bloody Mary?’" Bobby Heenan Shares An Andre The Giant Plane Ride Story Read More

"One Thing About Andre The Giant Was He Didn’T Like To Be Crowded. He Had Just Been On A 14-Hour Flight To Japan Crammed In A Little Seat In A Plane. We Were Standing In An Elevator And People Kept Getting On." Ted Dibiase Shares A Classic Andre The Giant Elevator Story Read More

Ted Dibiase Continued: "I’M Looking Straight Ahead And All Of A Sudden Andre Cuts The Loudest Longest Fart I Believe I Have Ever Heard In My Life. It Just Kept Going! The Poor Guy Who Was Standing Directly Behind Him…This Guy Is Right At Butt Level So He Got It Full Force. All You Could Hear Was The Giant Going ‘Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho.’ I Was Laughing So Hard I Couldn’T Breathe." Read More

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