7 Dynamic Exercises For Rapid Weight Loss In Just 1 Week

7 गतिशील व्यायामों के द्वारा 1 सप्ताह में तेजी से वजन घटाने के लिए नंदिनी शर्मा

Brisk Walking Engage In Fastpaced Walking For At Least 30 Minutes Each Day To Increase Heart Rate And Burn Calories Image Source Google

Jumping Jacks Perform Sets Of 2030 Jumping Jacks To Elevate Heart Rate And Engage Multiple Muscle Groups Image Source Google

Highintensity Interval Training Hiit Alternate Between Intense Exercises Like Burpees Squat Jumps Or Mountain Climbers For 2030 Seconds And Rest For 1015 Seconds Repeat For 1520 Minutes

Cycling Ride A Bike Either Outdoors Or On A Stationary Bike For 3045 Minutes At A Moderate To High Intensity To Burn Calories And Improve Cardiovascular Fitness Image Source Google

Strength Training Focus On Compound Exercises Like Squats Lunges Pushups And Planks Do 23 Sets Of 1015 Repetitions To Build Muscle And Increase Metabolism

Jump Rope Jump Rope Continuously For 1015 Minutes To Raise Heart Rate And Burn Calories Start With Shorter Intervals And Gradually Increase Your Time Image Source Google

Swimming Swim Laps For 3045 Minutes At A Moderate Intensity To Work The Entire Body Burn Calories And Minimize Joint Impact Image Source Google

Taste The Goodness Delicious And Nutritious American Foods