10 Dynamite Gym Workouts For Weight Loss

10 वजन घटाने के लिए वायुसेना सेना वर्कआउट्स द्वारा नंदिनी शर्मा

Treadmill Interval Training Alternate Between Periods Of Highintensity Sprinting And Active Recovery Jogging Or Walking On The Treadmill

Highintensity Interval Training Hiit Incorporate Exercises Like Burpees Jump Squats Mountain Climbers And High Knees Into Short Bursts Of Intense Activity Followed By Short Rest Periods

Circuit Training Perform A Series Of Exercises Targeting Different Muscle Groups Such As Pushups Lunges Squats Planks And Jumping Jacks With Minimal Rest In Between Image Source Google

Indoor Cycling Attend A Spin Class Or Use A Stationary Bike For A Highenergy Cardiovascular Workout That Also Engages Your Leg Muscles

Rowing Machine Rowing Is A Fullbody Workout That Can Burn A Significant Number Of Calories While Engaging Your Arms Legs And Core Muscles Image Source Google

Stair Climber Utilize The Stair Climber Machine Or Find A Set Of Stairs To Climb For An Effective Lower Body And Cardiovascular Workout Image Source Google

Jump Rope Jumping Rope Is A Simple Yet Highly Effective Exercise That Improves Cardiovascular Fitness And Burns Calories Rapidly

Kettlebell Exercises Incorporate Kettlebell Swings Goblet Squats And Kettlebell Lunges Into Your Routine To Engage Multiple Muscle Groups And Boost Calorie Burning

Boxing Or Kickboxing Take Part In A Boxing Or Kickboxing Class To Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness Build Strength And Burn Calories Image Source Google

Swimming If You Have Access To A Pool

සිම්වලින් අගයන්නේ සියලුම ශල්‍ය රෝහල් වැඩිම බස්නාහිර වැඩියෙන් පහල ලැයිස්තුව රාමුවන්ගේ නිර්දේශය ගූගල් ඔබට වැඩිම තීරනයක් සැරෙන්න