10 Disastrous Backstage First Impressions In Wwe

10 Disastrous Backstage First Impressions In Wwe Read More

Considering The Crazy Stories That Have Come Out About Wwe Chairman Vince Mcmahon Any Misstep Could Hinder Your Chance Of Employment. Read More

In Wrestling First Impressions Are A Huge Indicator To The Higher-Ups (Especially In The Wwe). The Following Wrestlers Earned A Frosty Initial Reception Behind The Scenes! To Learn Why: Swipe Up To Read More! Read More

1. Bret Hart The Relationship Between Bret Hart And Vince Mcmahon Could Likely Best Be Described As Unstable. Yet This Tense Relationship Was Present As Far Back As Bret’S Wwf Debut In 1984. Read More

2. William Regal The Personal Battles Of William Regal Are Well-Documented With His Struggles With Substance Use Plaguing His Early Career. This Certainly Did Not Aid Him In The Eyes Of Wwe Management. Read More

3. Jim Brunzell Of All The Wwe’S Victims Perhaps None Suffered From As Much Pillaging As The American Wrestling Association. However One Awa Signing Vince Mcmahon Immediately Regretted Was Former Killer Bee “Jumping” Jim Brunzell. Read More

4. Chris Jericho Although Chris Jericho Is Now Considered One Of Wrestling’S Most Accomplished Performers His Start In The Wwf Failed To Break Many Walls Down. Read More

5. The Ascension Chris Jericho Was Not The Last To Get Immediate Backstage Heat In Their First Few Weeks As The Ascension Did The Same In 2015. Read More

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