10 Best Shows Like ‘Mr. Robot’ To Watch If You Miss The Series

10 Shows That Are Not Necessarily Similar To Mr Robot Are Very Similar To The Experience Of Mr Robot

The Mindhunter Mindhunter In The Late 1970S Expanded Criminal Science By Showing The Psychology Of Murder

He Can Think Like His Prey Seeing What They See And Feeling What They Feel

Unforeseen Consequences Spiraling Out Of Control

The Series Was Written By Charlie Brooker And Executive Produced By Annabel Jones

Legion Legion Follows The Story Of David Haller A Man Who Thought He Was Schizophrenic But Was Discovered To Be The Most Powerful Mutant In The World

He Has A Good Sense Of Humor And Is Smart

Our World In A Time Similar To The One In Maniac Tells The Stories Of Annie Landsberg Emma Stone And Owen Milgrim Jonah Hill