Selling Prompts: A Guide to Maximizing Your Returns

In this digital era, prompts or simple pieces of text that feed into language models like GPT or AI image generators, can be a valuable asset to sell. They significantly influence the output of these AI tools, and hence if optimized, can yield impressive results. This article aims to provide strategies to sell these prompts, tips for standing out in the competition, and attracting your first customers.

Selling Prompts
Selling Prompts

What are Prompts?

Prompts are essentially input text that is fed into a language model like GPT or an AI image generator like My Journey or Stable Diffusion. These prompts significantly influence the output from these models. In simpler words, if the prompt is well-optimized, it results in better output. Conversely, a poorly optimized prompt can lead to undesirable results.

How to Sell Prompts?

Once you’ve crafted an optimized prompt, there are three main strategies to sell it:

  1. Sell on prompt marketplaces: Websites such as Prompt Base and Snack Prom provide platforms where you can buy and sell prompts directly. These websites already have traffic, so all you need to do is post your prompt and start selling.
  2. Package multiple prompts together: This strategy involves packaging multiple prompts together and selling them as a product. This not only provides more value to the customer but also increases your profit margins. For example, you could create a premium prompt library and sell it along with a prompt engineering course.
  3. Offer a subscription service: In this strategy, you sell a package of prompts on a recurring basis. This establishes a stable income stream. However, it’s crucial to continually provide valuable and optimized prompts to retain your customers.

Regardless of the strategy you choose, always focus on delivering real value. For example, even if you only have a handful of prompts, make sure they are well-optimized and tested, so your customers feel they are getting their money’s worth.

Tips to Stand Out and Attract Customers

To sell your prompts or prompt package effectively, consider the following promotional strategies:

  1. Leverage Product Hunt: Whenever you publish a product, launch it on Product Hunt. It helps in gaining some initial traction and user feedback.
  2. Submit to AI aggregators: AI aggregators collect and share AI tools and products, making them excellent platforms to promote your prompts.
  3. Build an email list: Use a lead magnet to collect emails and build an email list. This email list is a valuable asset for promoting your premium products.
  4. Create content around your product: Build an online presence by regularly posting content about your product on platforms like Twitter and Medium. This helps to build authority and an audience, making it easier to sell your products.

Remember, selling prompts requires a well-crafted marketing strategy. To create one, you could even feed a marketing prompt to a language model like GPT and get a detailed strategy.

Sell Automated Script Workflows

To truly stand out from the competition and deliver more value, consider selling an automated script workflow instead of a prompt alone. This involves packaging the prompt within a script that automates a task for the customer.

For example, if your customer wants to do some research, you can create a prompt that summarizes articles and combine it with Google search. The script then uses GPT to summarize the top 10 search results, providing the customer with quick and effective research.

Selling such automated scripts is more valuable than selling a prompt alone, as it saves your customers’ time and provides immediate results. Learning how to build these automated workflows can be found in various prompt engineering courses.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to solve a problem and offer real value to your customers. With the right strategies and consistent work, you can successfully sell prompts and build a thriving online business.


The art of selling AI prompts can be a lucrative business in this digital era. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, focusing on delivering real value, and leveraging the right marketing tactics, you can build a profitable venture and a sustainable online business.


Q: What are AI prompts? A: AI prompts are input text fed into a language model or an AI image generator, which significantly influence the output from these models.

Q: How can AI prompts be sold effectively? A: AI prompts can be sold effectively through prompt marketplaces, by bundling multiple prompts together, or offering a subscription service.

Q: How can one stand out in the competitive market of selling AI prompts? A: Leveraging platforms like Product Hunt, AI aggregators, building an email list, and regularly posting product-related content can help stand out in the market.

Q: What is the added value of selling automated script workflows? A: Selling automated script workflows provides more value than just selling a prompt as it automates tasks for the client, saving their time and providing immediate results.

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