155 Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with “A” With Meanings [UPDATED 2023]

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with “A” With Meanings

In Hindu culture, names hold significant importance as they reflect a child’s personality, traits, and qualities. “A” is a popular starting letter for Hindu boy names, as it represents the first letter of the Sanskrit alphabet. Here are 700 unique Hindu boy names with their meanings, starting with the letter “A.”

Indian Baby Boy Names
Indian Baby Boy Names
Serial No.NameMeaning
1AadiBeginning, First Power
2AaravPeaceful, Calm
3AaryanOf the Aryan race, Noble
4AbhayFearless, Brave
5AbhiFearless, Brave
6AbhinavNew, Innovative
7AbhishekShower of Milk, Ceremonial Bath
8AchalSteady, Immovable
9AchintyaInconceivable, Beyond Comprehension
10AdarshIdeal, Perfect
11AdhritThe One who Supports, One who Bears
12AdilSincere, Just
13AditSun, Light
14AdvaitNon-Dual, Unique
15AgastyaName of a Sage
16AhanDawn, Morning
18AjeetInvincible, Unconquerable
19AjinkyaInvincible, Unconquerable
20AjitInvincible, Unconquerable
22AkhilComplete, Entire
23AlokBrightness, Light
24AmanPeace, Tranquility
25AmarImmortal, Everlasting
26AmayUnfathomable, Boundless
27AmbarSky, Clouds
28AmeyaBoundless, Immeasurable
29AmitLimitless, Endless
30AmolPrecious, Priceless
31AmritNectar, Immortal
32AnadiEternal, Beginningless
33AnandBliss, Joy
34AnantInfinite, Endless
35AniketLord of the World, Homeless
36AnilWind, Air
37AnirudhBoundless, Grandson of Lord Vishnu
38AnishSupreme, Sovereign
39AnkitConquered, Impressed
40AnkurSprout, New Life
41AnmolPriceless, Precious
42AnshPortion, Fragment
43AnujYounger Brother
44AnupIncomparable, Unique
46AnveshSearch, Investigation
47ApekshaExpectation, Hope
48AryanOf the Aryan race, Noble
49AshishBlessing, Best Wishes
50AshokOne without Sorrow, Happy
51AshutoshOne who is Easily Pleased, Lord Shiva
52AtulIncomparable, Matchless
53AviSun and Air
54AvikarUnchanging, Immortal
55AvinashIndestructible, Immortal
56AviralContinuous, Uninterrupted
57AyaanGift of God
58AyushLong Life, Blessed with Long Life
59AzadFree, Liberated
60AzeemMagnificent, Great
61AarushFirst Ray of the Sun, Calm
62AdarshIdeal, Perfect
63AdheeshKing, Ruler
64AdhirajKing, Ruler
65AdinathLord of the Mountains, Lord Vishnu
66AdishGod, Supreme Ruler
67AditayaThe Sun, The Beginning
68AdityaThe Sun, The Beginning
69AdvayaUnique, One and Only
70AgneyaSon of Agni, Born of Fire
71AhanuRays of the Morning Sun, Light
72AhsanKindness, Benevolence
73AjayUnconquerable, Invincible
74AjeeshInvincible, Unconquerable
75AjendraKing of Mountains, Lord Indra
76AjithInvincible, Unconquerable
77AjaypalProtector of Invincible
78AkalankUnblemished, Spotless
79AkaashSky, The Blue Space Above
80AkashdeepIlluminated Space Above, The Blue Sky
81AkhileshLord of All, Ruler of the Universe
82AkinBrave, Fearless
83AksatWhole, Complete
84AkshajLord Vishnu, Born of Water
85AksharImperishable, Indestructible
86AkshatUnbroken, Whole
88AkshayakarMaker of Indestructible Things, Lord Vishnu
89AkshitPermanent, Indestructible
90AkulFlawless, Pure
91AkshayImmortal, Indestructible
92AlokBrightness, Light
93AlokeLight, Radiance
94AlpeshSmall, Tiny
95AmalPure, Unblemished
96AmalenduPure Like the Moon
97AmarImmortal, Everlasting
98AmardeepEternal Light, Immortal Lamp
99AmarendraKing of the Gods, Lord Shiva
100AmarnathLord Shiva, The Immortal God
101AmartyaImmortal, Divine
102AmbikeshLord Shiva, The Lord of Ambika
103AmeyaBoundless, Immeasurable
104AmishPure, Honest
105AmoghUnerring, Precise
106AmolPriceless, Precious
107AmritNectar, Immortality
108AmritanshuRay of Immortality
109AmshulBright, Radiant
110AmulPrecious, Valuable
111AnadiEternal, Without Beginning
112AnaghSinless, Faultless
113AnandJoy, Happiness
114AnangName of Kamadeva, The God of Love
115AnantInfinite, Endless
116AnanthInfinite, Endless
117AnayA Name of Lord Vishnu
118AnchitWorshipped, Revered
119AndeepLamp of the Light
120AniketLord Shiva, The Lord of the World
121AnilGod of Wind, Pure
122AnimeshOpen-Eyed, Unblinking
123AnirudhBoundless, Limitless
124AnishLord Vishnu, Supreme
125AnitJoyful, Unconquerable
126AnjalOffering with Both Hands
127AnjaneyaSon of Anjani, Lord Hanuman
128AnkitConquered, Marked
129AnmolPriceless, Precious
130AshutoshOne who Easily Pleases Lord Shiva
131AnshuSunbeam, Ray of Light
132AnshumanThe Sun, Lord Surya
133AntaraThe Second Note in a Musical Scale
134AnujYounger Brother
135AnupUnique, Unequalled
136AnupamUnique, Incomparable
137AnuragAttachment, Love
138AnveshCurious, Inquisitive
139AnvitOne who Bridges the Gap
140ApoorvaUnique, Unprecedented
141ApurvaUnique, Unprecedented
142AravPeaceful, Calm
143ArchanWorship, Prayer
144ArchitWorshipped, Adored
145ArhaanRuler, King
146ArhamMerciful, Compassionate
147ArinSun, One who Brings Light
148AritraOne who Shows the Right Path
149ArjunBright, Shining
150ArnavOcean, Sea
151ArneshLord of the Sea, Lord of the Home
152ArokyaBlessedness, Healthiness
153ArpanOffering, Devotion
154ArshadPious, Honest, Righteous
155ArunDawn, Sun





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