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CamScanner is an Android app that allows you to convert any printed paper to a PDF file.

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This is an application that is rather easy to utilize. It permits you to conveniently check records and also keep them on your gadget or share them with other tools or with other individuals. It’s like having a copier on your phone that enables making copies of the data that you have prior to sending them to other locations. The rate is good as you can check a documents in a few secs. It does take some time to send bigger data, but they do get sent out in a sensible time.

The cam on your phone is utilized to take images of whatever from documents to receipts and also photos. You can additionally take images of cards and also discussions on a white boards. When the picture is taken, the info is saved in a documents. When you require to check that documents, all you need to do is open it to make a copy. It’s then sent to the location that you get in. Plant things from the images that you check to ensure that only the important attributes are sent. There is an alternative to search for search phrases to make locating documents a bit much easier, however this is a feature that is just for those that have registered and also paid the small cost that is required for an enhanced variation of the application. You can print as well as fax records from the tool. There is also an alternative to develop a password for the files that you need to protect.

Frequent questions:

How much space does the CamScanner APK take up?
The CamScanner APK takes up about 100 MB, so you don’t need a lot of space on your Android device to enjoy the app.

Is CamScanner free?
Yes, CamScanner is free. Basic use of the app is totally free, although this app also offers extra options to users with monthly or annual subscriptions.

How do I install CamScanner on Android?
To install CamScanner on your Android device, just download the latest version of the APK file from the Uptodown catalog. Once it‘s downloaded to your smartphone, grant installation permissions to third-party apps in order to install the tool without any problems.

Can I scan wrinkled papers with CamScanner?
Wrinkles on papers you‘ve scanned with CamScanner are visible and may hurt the readability of the document in question. But there‘s no need to worry, because CamScanner has a Remove curvatures button that enhances the captured image of your document to make the scan as clean as possible.


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